Paradise Garden Sasebo 〈Official〉

New building

This building is relaxing space which uses the custom-made mattress.
The beds in twin room can be used as a double bed by connecting. Also we have the connecting rooms which suits for families and large groups. They offers you the best trip.


Twin Room breadth 23.0㎡ capacity 2 people

シャワールーム Shower room

Interconnecting Room breadth 46.0㎡ capacity 4 people

シャワールーム Shower room

Main building

You can spend luxurious time in the room designed in accordance with the concept.
In addition, you can enjoy the traditional atmosphere of Japan in Japanese-style rooms, Western rooms.

和 室

Japanese style room size 36.0㎡ 4 people

シャワールーム Shower room

Suite [stateroom] breadth 72.0㎡ capacity 6 people

浴室(バスタブ) bathroom (bathtub)

Deluxe Twin breadth 36.0㎡ capacity 2 people

シャワールーム Shower room

Deluxe double breadth 36.0㎡ capacity 4 people

浴室(バスタブ) bathroom (bathtub)

Japanese and Western facilities size 36.0㎡ capacity 4 people

浴室(バスタブ) bathroom (bathtub)

Deluxe double breadth 36.0㎡ capacity 4 people

浴室(バスタブ) bathroom (bathtub)

Japanese and Western facilities size 36.0㎡ capacity 4 people

浴室(バスタブ) bathroom (bathtub)

Amenities and equipment


Ion dryer, body soap, shampoo, rinse, toothbrush, shaving, cleansing foam, hairbrush, cups, towels, bath towels, shoehorn, clothes brush, slippers, deodorant spray

Lending goods

Trouser press, iron, ironing board, mobile charger, Children's Room Clothing (90㎝-110㎝-140㎝ and more)


LCD TV, VOD (pay-TV), wireless LAN (Wi-Fi, safe (main building and new building only), electric kettle, humidifier, refrigerator, green tea, intercom, alarm clock, morning call

● Check In 15:00 / Check Out 10:00

Hot spring

Natural hot spring spa "Uzushio onsen"

Water of our hot spring is flowing directly from the hot spring source.
Spring quality is sodium hydrogen carbonate spring gushing out from 1000 meters underground whose indication is rich.
We have large bath(with Jacuzzi bath), private bathes(rock, cypress, stone), room bathes.

Facilities in large public bath "Bijin no yu"
大浴場 美人の湯

In public bath, there are some kinds of bathes, such as an open-air bath which has beautiful natural scenery, a refreshing Jacuzzi bath. We have a high-temperature sauna for men and a mist sauna for women.

●Admission business hours

[Accommodation]【weekdays】6:00-9:00 , 17:00-24:00 (final acceptance 23:30) 【Weekends & Holidays】6:00-9:00 , 12:00-24:00 (final acceptance 23:30)

[Drop-in bath] 【weekdays】17:00-24:00 (final acceptance 23:30) 【Weekends & Holidays】12:00-24:00 (final acceptance 23:30)

●Hot spring rates

[Accommodation] Free [Drop-in bath] Adults/900 yen Children (6 to 11 years old/elementary school students)/500 yen Infants (3 to 5 years old)/250 yen

Private bath for family and group
貸切風呂 家族の湯

For private bath, we have eight rooms of three types which are traditional styles of Japan.
You can spend special time of relaxation with the family or group.

● business hours【weekdays】17:00-24:00 (final acceptance 23:30) 【Weekends & Holidays】12:00-24:00 (final acceptance 23:30)

● bath type rock bath, Japanese cypress bath, stone bath

和洋レストラン 彩海

This is Japanese-style restaurant. We prepare breakfast for buffet-style using seasonal vegetable and fresh seafood such as sushi, miso-soup, “oden”, and so on.
You must make a reservation if you want to have a dinner at this restaurant.
The private rooms is also available.

Morning meal / 7:00~9:30
dinner / 19:00~21:00 (lo.20:00)

朝食 Morning
夕食 dinner
いけす居食処 魚楽

This is Japanese-style restaurant designed with tatami, ikesu which is like aquarium. We have 112 seats.
We serve the dishes such as sushi, tenpura, sashimi, udon, soba, and so on.
There are comfortable space and reasonable price.

11:00~23:00 (lo.22:30)

朝食 lunch
夕食 dinner
焼肉 和屋

This is Japanese-style BBQ restaurant. The smoke does not go out because of the special roaster.
We serve the dishes such as beaf, pork, vegetable, rice, soup, and so on.
If you want to have a meal, you must make a reservation.

11:00~14:30 (lo.14:00),17:00~21:30 (lo.21:00)

夕食 dinner
Activity information
Strawberry Picking

Our strawberry is grown using hot spring water gashed out from 1000 meters underground. Because they are planted in higher place, you can enjoy harvest without being dirty.
Its open is from December to March.

Operating period every year in late December - until early May
business hours 10:00 to 16:00

Golf driving range

Privilege for stay customers Rental golf club fee is free.

Karaoke Room

We have three karaoke rooms. A large room is for twenty people. A middle room is for ten people.
A small room is for six people. If you want to play karaoke, you must make a reservation at the information.

tourist information
Huis Ten Bosch

Beautiful streets of Europe in the position of a 10-minute drive from the hotel, is a vast theme park.

Saikai Pearl Sea Resort

There is in the place of about 40 minutes by car from the hotel, experience base of the West Sea National Park Kujukushima. Aquarium "sea Kirara" will also be here on site.


Kujukushima which is in use and the 20-minute position the toll road by car from the hotel, by the sea area where the islands are scattered over 25km to the north from the outside of the Sasebo Port, the density of the island is said to be in Japan .

Floor guide
Main building 1F~6F
フロアガイド 本館


New building

フロアガイド 新館


Traffic access

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